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Shopsmith Mark 7 Features

An Upgraded, State-Of-The-Art Classic - loaded with hard-working features that will give you the ultimate in operator convenience

Mark 7 Features

These carefully-engineered features will make the Shopsmith Mark 7 easier for you to use than the individual tools it replaces... and help you achieve better results, too.

  1. Control Panel - Pushbutton control for selecting infinitely variable Motor speeds (250 - 10,000 RPM in 1 RPM increments) and direction
  2. Main Power Switch - Child-proof with detachable key to prevent accidental starts
  3. PowerPro Headstock (Power Plant) - State-of-the-art DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) Motor develops 1-3/4 hp at 120 Volts or 2 hp at 240 Volts and is totally enclosed and fan cooled for durability.   Click here for a quick overview of the features and benefits provided by Shopsmith's PowerPro Headstock and DVR Motor.
  4. Headstock Lock - Locks Headstock at any location along the tubular ways
  5. Quill Handle - Used to extend the Quill to its 4-1/4" capacity
  6. Carriage - Supports Table and Lathe Tool Rest. Slides full length of tubular ways
  7. Table Height Lock - Locks Table height settings
  8. Table Height Wheel - Uses geared rack-and-pinion system to raise and lower table
  9. Carriage Lock - Locks Carriage at any position along tubular ways
  10. Bench Ends & Tubes - Provide rigid, wobble-free base for machine
  1. Base Arm Lock - One on each end of machine to secure machine safely in vertical position in both directions for over-table Drill Press-based operations - or under-table Shaping operations
  2. Extension Table - Mounts at either end of machine for added workpiece support
  3. Rip Fence - Locks at front and rear of table for precise ripping or use as a positioning aid when drilling, sanding or performing other operations
  4. Auxiliary Spindles - Used to power Bandsaw, Jointer & other Major Accessories
  5. Miter Gauge - Includes special work-holding Safety Grip and adjustable auto-stops at common angles
  6. Power Mount - Used to mount Extension Table or Major Accessories
  7. Horizontal Locks - One on each end of machine... used to tilt headstock & table from horizontal to vertical position for drilling and over or under-table Drum Sanding, Routing or Shaping operations
  8. Saw Guards - Upper and lower guards provide operator safety and built-in dust collection port
  9. Telescoping Legs - Provide added support for floating extension table

*NOTE: In addition to the new Mark 7 version of Shopsmith's Multipurpose Machine, we also offer two versions of the original Mark V. These Mark V versions differ on their corresponding numbered features, as outlined here:

  1. Mark V versions feature a mechanical Speed Dial that changes speeds infinitely from 700 to 5200 rpm
  1. Mark V versions feature 1-1/8 hp Motors operating on 120 volts
  1. Where Mark 7 versions offer two Base Arm Locks that allow the machine to tilt to vertical in Both directions, Mark V versions feature a single Base Arm Lock, allowing the machine to tilt in only one direction
  1. Where Mark 7 versions offer two Horizontal Locks that release to allow the machine to tilt to vertical in both directions, Mark V versions feature a single horizontal Lock, that allows the machine to tilt in only one direction

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